Lisa Caldwell – The Hearing Coach

In 2005 I lost the hearing in my right ear overnight. There in the evening, gone the next morning. To be replaced with vertigo and tinnitus that sounded like someone’s wellies being pulled out of the mud.

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Having had perfect hearing for the first 30 or so years of my life, this was a bit of a shock and meant a lot of adjustment in my work and home life.

Since then I’ve developed severe/profound hearing loss in my left ear. For those who aren’t audiologists, it equates to me having about 25% of my hearing left.

Even losing just a small amount of your hearing can have a huge impact on your life at work, your relationships and your hobbies. I set up the Hearing Coach, to use my experience of a decade of hearing a loss to help others who find themselves in this new and confusing world.

Tina Lannin

Tina Lannin is the founder of 121 Captions, a Deaf Unity sponsor. 121 Captions was the first agency to pioneer remote speech to text reporting in the UK.  121 Captions is deaf-owned, deaf-led and provides high quality captioning, lipreaders, lipspeakers and consultancy services. 

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A social enterprise helping deaf people into education and work through high-quality communication support, training and consultancy. I was born deaf and I’m a lipreader with two cochlear implants. I believe a good education is a key to being successful in business. I attended four universities to read business, Japanese, law, and careers consultancy – I only had communication support with my last degree so I understand the huge benefits of appropriate support.

I worked as an accountant for ten years and recently was the finance manager for Hearing Concern. I trained as a mentor to help deaf people to work, a lipreading teacher, a deaf awareness trainer, and a psychometric examiner. I was helping deaf people around me to access education and work and was often frustrated at the quality and limited range of communication support available to deaf people requiring captions, and so 121 Captions was born.

I am passionate about helping other deaf people to have equal access to work, education, and events through high-quality communication support with an expert one-to-one service led by deaf people.

Sarah Ellis

I have worked in a variety of Civil service jobs in different departments since 1984 and am currently working in the Ministry of Justice as a Contract Manager. For the past 20 years I have used lipspeakers to assist with my meetings, conferences, teleconferences and skype/video calls and during my time on an employer sponsored Post graduate Course at University.
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The lipspeaker support I have received has played a large part in helping me gain more opportunities and promotion at work and in encouraging other deaf Civil Servants and their managers to use registered communication professionals when they see me working with one.
I have assisted with the delivery of lipspeaker training and assessment of lipspeakers for past 15 years. I live in the North West, am married and have 2 children who have graduated and are also now married. I am a member of several fell walking groups and a book club, enjoy sailing and developing my kitchen garden. 

Tim Reedy

Tim Reedy has used lipspeakers for almost twenty five years. Moving from admin roles in the workplace and trading in a ten-year career in the Civil Service, he is now a Children’s Illustration Tutor, hosting many workshops and giving public talks.

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Lipspeakers have helped him in his quest to promote access to the arts for all, especially deaf children. Lipspeaking may be thankless, he says, but when a lipspeaker hands out crayons and paper, they deserve thanking.

I was born a hearing person but lost my hearing at the age of four which put an end to days of listening to Abba. Really stuck in my craw, that did. I wear one hearing aid (no intentions for a cochlear) which is a great help and I save money on batteries. I taught myself to lipread from childhood using my mother’s wardrobe mirror. I find that the presence of an elite lipspeaker from the ALS gives me a sense of security and an equal grounding with my hearing peers when it comes to seminars or public speaking. I have degrees in Art History; I like to read, cook, love cats, art and illustration.

As a Children’s Illustration Tutor, I believe in access to the arts for everyone. I have hosted many workshops to hearing children; it is nice to see deaf children starting to participate. My debut workshop took place in a ninety-degree heat in a marquee/tent at a summer garden party with many other workshops in tents. I had lipspeaker support, and as I also had volunteers, we had water and sun cream to deal with sunstroke or sunburn. I asked them behind the scenes to look after the lipspeaker. You must, mustn’t you? Lipspeakers are more important than you think.

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