ALS Supported Events

The Association of Lipspeakers (ALS) supports a number of events nationwide.

What Have We Been Upto?

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ALS Supported Events

The Association of Lipspeakers (ALS) supports a number of events nationwide.


Welcome to the Association of Lipspeakers

The Association of Lipspeakers (ALS) is the *professional body that represents lipspeakers. We aim to promote lipspeaking and its good practice and encourage the further development of lipspeaking as a communication service.

This site should enable you to find and successfully use lipspeakers, whether through a registered agency or by direct contact with lipspeakers in any region.

In order to offer you the best communication experience, please be clear as to what type of lipspeaking service you would like.  Either straightforward lipspeaking/lipreading or lipspeaking with the aid of signs**.

**The majority of ALS fully qualified and NRCPD registered lipspeakers can also offer a Sign Supported Lipspeaking service.

*to allay any confusion – ALS is not the same organisation of similarly named ones.




One for the lipspeaker’s diary18th November 2017 

AGM & Workshop  PIP Training (Personal Independence Payment)

Training: Where? etc.venues, Birmingham

Trainer: Rhianon Gale –

We look forward to welcoming both full members and student members on the day.


Why not investigate the Walks & Talks….Lynne Dubin has been a busy bee organising a 2017 programme.  Please check out the diary of events

We need you!
The ALS committee currently has vacancies. Would you like to get involved by contributing to the profession whilst enhancing your own career experience ?

 Useful Information

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ALWAYS ask to see the name badge of your lipspeaker. All NRCPD registered lipspeakers will have one. This ensures quality and allows you to complain about the quality if need be to the NRCPD.







Somebody wearing an ‘ALS badge‘ is not necessarily a qualified and registered lipspeaker.