Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Jennifer Blair

I started out as a freelance CSW in 2005, later combining that with work as a lipspeaker from 2018.

Prior to this I have worked in sports centres; wet side and management, catering and retail management, adult education offices, arts centres and theatres. So, a varied background, and my work supporting D/deaf and hard-of-hearing people continues to provide the variety that I enjoy.

Tim Reedy

I am deaf and I lipread, so I find Lipspeakers are a great resource for lectures, seminars and workshops. I have used Lipspeakers for the last twenty-five years.

I worked in the Civil Service for ten years before moving into children’s art workshops and professional catsitting.

Natalie Ferrugia

I was introduced to the deaf community in the ‘80s as my twin sisters have been severely deaf from birth. I grew up attending activities and clubs for Deaf and hearing children.

I am a qualified chef and ran my own bespoke catering business for many years. I then catered for a communication support worker (CSW) who encouraged me to study British sign language. I started my journey learning sign and worked as a CSW for 10 years before training as a lipspeaker.

I’m passionate about disability rights, access and equality. I would like to train to be a professional advocate in the future

Kate Bohdanowicz

I’m a former national newspaper journalist and I continue to work as a writer and editor. I’ve edited more than 40 non-fiction books and I also edit the quarterly ALS newsletter.

I qualified as a lipspeaker in 2019 and split my time between writing and lipspeaking. I love the variety of working in two completely different fields. It is never boring. I’m also a qualified teacher and I run a craft and streetfood market.

I was introduced to lipspeaking in 2012, when I met my partner who is deaf and a lipspeaker-user. After qualifying as a lipspeaker, I went on to learn levels 1 and 2 BSL.

Beverley R

I qualified as a lipspeaker in 2003 and have acquired a vast amount of experience working in a variety of domains. My favourite part of my ‘work’ is meeting different people from all walks of life. I genuinely cannot think of a more rewarding career than having the skill to bridge communication and be welcomed into interactions, which at times are very private and personal moments, thank you.

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Having gained a Masters degree in interpreting & translation from the University of Leeds, I am also a qualified and regulated sign language interpreter. I see both skills as a compliment to each other. Allowing me to ‘code switch or modify the communication mode as and when requested. In other words, I lipspeak with or without additional sign which some would frame as SSE (sign supported English). I also hold a Level 3 qualification in modifying written English for D/deaf people. And have recently qualified as a mental health first aider. Similarly, to my steering group colleague, Natalie, I too am a qualified chef and pâtissier (that’s the lunches sorted😉). I owned a small garden centre for several years and also love sailing for which I have an RYA 2 qualification.

Proud memory: Establishing a successful work search programme in Manchester for unemployed D/deaf people which was shortlisted for the Signature ‘Community award’ and is still successfully operating.

Yasmin J

I qualified as a Lipspeaker in 2018 and in Sept 2022 I qualified as BSL interpreter. I have been self employed for 10 plus years, first starting as a communication support worker working freelance in education and ATW.  To eventually going into medical, small meetings, Job centre appointments, PIP and DWP assessments.

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In my previous working life I have worked for Boots the Chemist behind the pharmacy counter, qualified as a pharmacist assistant, Kodak looking after 20 engineers repairing and servicing hospital equipment and then Superdrug Pharmacy as I got made redundant from Kodak.

I Love travelling and seeing the world, been to many places from South east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, America (small section), some places in Europe. I also enjoy keeping fit, reading and meeting up with friends.


Dian has been a specialist notetaker since 2010 and a Lipspeaker since 2016. Previous to that Dian worked as a CSW and has BSL level 3 Signature. 

Dian has experience working in a variety of settings such as education, court, police and social services. 

‘It is a pleasure and privilege to support this new group to steer the Association of Lipspeakers forward. We are a professional and expert group of Lipspeakers and I hope to support the continuing professional development opportunities for its member.’


I trained to become a lipspeaker during lockdown and qualified early in 2021. I have worked in so many different settings since I qualified and I love the variety in the work that I do. I enjoy supporting people to get the most our of their experiences and the personal nature for my work.
Prior to this I worked for many years in Human Resource Management and then spent a number of years raising a family. I have been involved with many children clubs and activities as a volunteer over the years.  In addition to the aforementioned I also work in  public law.

Lynne Dubin

Founding member of the ALS

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