Dear registrant or trainee

We have received a number of queries from registered practitioners about the DBS enhanced disclosure, which NRCPD currently requires for registration. We are being advised that the DBSis now refusing to provide enhanced disclosure to registrants, on the basis that the current legislation does not allow for this. DBS is advising that registrants should instead be making an application for a standard disclosure check.

We have now looked into this, and can confirm that we are in error to request enhanced disclosure and that application for a standard disclosure would be appropriate.  In the circumstances, with immediate effect, NRCPD will accept confirmation that you have a standard disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service that is less than three years old, for the purposes of registration.

If you believe that your professional practice means that you meet the current legislation’s requirements for enhanced disclosure, please check this with the DBS.  It is your responsibility to seek enhanced disclosure if you believe this is necessary to ensure you are legally compliant. The following link may be useful in this respect:

 Yours sincerely