Visit and Guided Tour of Bletchley Park
(National Codes Centre)

Saturday 29th June, 2013

From 10.45 am

*Meet Lipspeakers at 10.45 outside the cafe *

The guided tour takes about one hour
Tour this Historic Site with a Bletchley Park Guide and 2 ALS Lipspeakers

Guided Tours
A guided tour is included in your admission price and is a great way to learn about Bletchley Park. A guided tour will take about an hour and will cover all the main points of interest around the site and tell the story of how the Enigma codes were broken during WW2. All our guides are very knowledgeable so feel free to ask any questions you might have at the end of the tour.
There is a fair amount of walking involved and you cover approximately a mile with stops throughout. If you have trouble walking please let admissions know as wheelchairs are available if needed. In order to make the tours enjoyable there is a limit of fifty people per tour.
Site Access
Please be aware that a visit to Bletchley Park involves both indoor and outdoor activities. Please wear sensible clothing and footwear to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. Please be advised that we do NOT permit dogs on site with the exception of registered assistance dogs.

Wheelchair Access
There is reasonable wheelchair access to most areas of Bletchley Park. Disabled lifts are situated in Block B museum and toilet facilities are located adjacent to the Mansion and also in Block B. A limited number of manual wheelchairs are available for hire at no extra cost. These must be booked in advance. Please also inform us if you will be bringing any wheelchairs along with you.

On site parking for all group bookings is included in the price but please advise at the time of booking if your group will be travelling by car.

The Cafe in Hut 4
Our onsite cafe is located in Hut 4. Open seven days a week and offering a wide range of good traditional foods. The cafe offers hot food and a selection of cold options including salads, and various sandwiches. Our chefs change our hot food specials daily. If you fancy a little snack why not pop in for a cup of tea and a slice of delicious cake.
Bletchley Park’s Cafe is in the codebreaking hut that housed the wartime Naval Intelligence Section. Hut 4 was built in 1939 and the Naval Section moved there from the Library in early 1940. Decrypted Enigma messages were sent there from Hut 8 to be translated and forwarded to the Naval Intelligence Division at the Admiralty. In 1942, Naval Section moved to Block A. Hut 4 was then used for Military Section, Intelligence Exchange and W/T (Wireless Transmission) co-ordination until the end of the war. It is one of the largest Huts, the only Hut in the Park to have been in continuous use since it was built and has been repeatedly altered internally, since early days. During the war, a near miss of a German bomb (from the only stick of bombs dropped near Bletchley) fell into Bletchley Park’s grounds. Fortunately it fell into soft earth and buried itself before exploding. The blast moved the rear end of Hut 4 two metres off its foundations. Without informing the staff working inside Hut 4, the maintenance team levered the end of the hut back into place. After the war, members of the staff on duty that day told Bletchley Park Trust members, that the first they knew about it was a “funny feeling that the whole hut was moving”. The bomb was thought to have been dropped by a German bomber randomly emptying its load before returning to his air-base.

After lunch the rest of the day is free to explore all the different parts of this fascinating place including:

Bombe Rebuild Project, Enigma Collection, Colossus Rebuild Project, The National Museum of Computing,
Bletchley Park – Block-B Exhibition Centre, The Churchill Collection, Diplomatic Wireless Service, Pigeons at War, Bletchley Park Post Office, Maritime Display, The National Radio Centre and much, much more….

Where is Bletchley Park?
The full address is: The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB
When using a sat-nav please enter Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, as the postcode may take you to the wrong location

Visiting Bletchley Park by Public Transport
By Rail
Fast efficient service to Bletchley Railway Station from:
London Euston, Milton Keynes Central (for InterCity connections), Coventry and Birmingham New Street. Bedford Midland (except Sunday) for connections to London Thames Link, East Midlands and South Yorkshire.
For rail enquiries, including dates that maybe affected by disruption due to engineering works and service alterations, please contact

By Bus
There are buses and coaches from all parts of Milton Keynes and beyond arriving at Bletchley Bus Station. On leaving the Bus Station head towards the Railway Station. The Bletchley Park entrance is on the opposite side of the road to the railway station 300 yards along Sherwood Drive.