On Saturday 7th November, our members attended our Winter Workshop and AGM.

The day began with guest speaker Dan Sumners from Signature, who gave a comprehensive presentation regarding the NRCPD complaints procedure, in addition to answering questions put to Dan in a ‘Q and A’ session.

Will Davidson, from ‘DeafPlus’ then took park in a live interview from a deaf perspective with our Chair, Lesley Weatherson. It was a great eye opener for both the students and experienced lipspeakers present on the day!

Mum & will

Following lunch, HMRC was a big topic in the afternoon, and a session was delivered to explain what it means for self-employed individuals. We can never be too careful, and our Chair Lesley, delivered a fantastic presentation using materials from the HMRC website.

After a nice cup of tea and some naughty biscuits, it was time for drawing on the experience of some of our most knowledgable lipspeakers. Our valued committee member, Sarah Maguire set up a panel of 4, including Laura Bradbury, Sara Scanlon, Lynne Dubin and Bridget Elliot. The aim of this was to offer our students some words of wisdom regarding the lipspeaking world, and allow the opportunity to ask any questions, and learn valuable tips ahead of their exams – good luck to all! 


It was a great day thoroughly enjoyed by all! The ALS would like to thank all of it’s members and student lipspeakers for attending, and we cant wait for the Spring Workshop already!